30th August 2018

Your Engagement Session

how to work it on the day

By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Your Engagement Sessions!

An Engagement Session (or Esession) is a chance to get to know your photographer, how they work, how they shoot etc. but also a chance for you guys to get all comfy in front of the camera. It can be a bit daunting at first, I recently did a shoot with my partner and found being on the other side pretty uncomfortable but our photographers put us at ease, helped us laugh and really by the end we forgot the camera was even there! After my experiences I have decided to write a little blog to help all my clients prepare for their Esession so your not worrying about it too much. I want it to be fun!

Picking a Location

So I always let the clients pick where they would prefer to go. Some people choose a place that has meaning to them i.e place they met, place they got engaged, place they walk the dog etc. BUT the one thing I always say is choose somewhere thats not your wedding venue! You want your engagement photos to be a little different to how your wedding day will look. If you struggle to think of a location, I can always help suggest. Any woods or beach or park will do. Some of my favourite spots include Conic Hill by Loch Lomond or the stunning Glencoe.

Time of Day

Ideally I choose to do the Sessions early in the morning or in the evening. Generally the light is better around these times (we can get some good sunrises or sunsets!) and the locations tend to have less people about which means less of an audience and no tourists in the backgrounds of your photos!

What to Wear!

Always a tough one when your in Scotland! The general rule is dress for the weather! if its raining – welly boots and umbrellas, if its snowing – hats and scarfs, if its sunny (sometimes it happens) a summery dress and jeans/polo shirt. Don’t overthink your outfit, just be yourself. If your normally in comfy clothes…be comfy!

Also try and avoid logos, keep clothes quite plain and just co-ordinate with your partner. If ones choosing a bright colour make sure the other is wearing a complimenting tone. Have a look at Clare when she wore her bright yellow dress! It absolutely jumps out the photo and looks stunning.

Glam Shoots!

I love a glam shoot! if your feeling a bit more adventurous and feel like wearing a stunning dress then do it! These kind of photos are excellent wedding practice and some get submitted to Junebugs Engagement Photo of the Year! We basically need to mix a beautiful dress with an adventurous location. Take a look at Clare and Jamies Esession in Glencoe. We worked together to co-ordinate outfits and the location. I would always love to do something like this so if your up for it please let me know and we can Glam up your Esession!

Who to Bring?

Ideally we just need the two of you! Im more than happy for you to bring your dog or pet (I always love my dogs in my photos). I would ask that you refrain from bringing any relatives, they can be quite distracting and its hard to focus when you’ve got your Mum or Dad watching you!

How Long?

The Sessions are roughly 20-40mins. I like to spend the first 10 minutes just chatting and putting you guys at ease. If your opting for the Glam Esession, these will be slightly longer as we might be travelling far distances or climbing hills!

What happens After?

We say our goodbyes and Ill have a selection of photos ready for you within 2 weeks. These will be downloadable from an online gallery and you can use them on Social Media or incorporate them with your wedding!

I hope this explains everything a little bit more. Remember ESessions are only a practice for the big day so don’t worry too much about being in front of the camera. It can be as casual or as glam as you want! I just want you guys to act how you would normally. If your not an affectionate couple then Im not going to ask you to do that. I just want to capture you guys as you are! Lets have some fun on or Esessions!


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