29th March 2016

Travelling round Iceland

more of this magical land

By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings


28th Feb – 3rd March 2016

As well as photographing weddings in Iceland,  I was lucky enough to head over for a few days on a break. We had amazing weather and spent the time driving around the south of Iceland.

We found this amazing black sand beach near Selfoss that had ice washed up on the shore.

iceland_weddings_0000iceland_weddings_0001As many tourists do we had to stop and check out the horses.   iceland_weddings_0011  We spend one of our days driving around Þingvellir (thingvellir) National Park. Home to many Game of Thrones scenes and the tectonic plat divide between America and Europe. iceland_weddings_0007

iceland_weddings_0006 iceland_weddings_0005 iceland_weddings_0004 We also stopped at Gullfoss. One of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls. We were there very early in the morning so there was no tourists around. We were driven around by my Icelandic friends that I met whilst travelling last year.

iceland_weddings_0003 Another famous waterfall – Skogafoss – where one of my wedding couples got married last year. Its one of my favourite places to visit and a perfect place to get married.

iceland_weddings_0002We hired a cabin of off Airbnb and stayed near flúðir. We were out in the middle of nowhere and it was amazing. Here is our driveway at sunset.


The light in Iceland in winter is just amazing. Really great for photos.   iceland_weddings_0010

On our last day my friend picked us up and took us to this breathtaking place in Þjórsárdalur valley, Gjáin. It took us a while to get there through all the snow drifts but it looks like we were the first ones there in 2016. Word of warning though, don’t try and go here in the winter without the right car!

iceland_weddings_0012 iceland_weddings_0013 iceland_weddings_0014

Crazy views from the top! and ace weather. We could of asked for a better trip. I would love to do more weddings here – please have a read at my Iceland Wedding Blog and get in touch if you want to do some amazing photos!


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