20th July 2016

A Moness Resort wedding with Creina & Ross

family gatherings and personal touches

By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Date: 18th June 2016

Venue: Moness Resort, Aberfeldy

Creina & Ross decided to get married in the beautiful Moness Resort in Aberfeldy. Lots of cottages surrounded by lakes, trees and fields, I could tell we were in for a good day and as a little added bonus the sun was shining.

I joined Creina as she was getting ready in one of the cottages with her bridesmaids.


Creina added lots of personal touches to her wedding including her Mum’s watch.


A kiss goodbye for little Noah as he went to get ready with the boys.


Creina is a natural beauty and looked stunning.


Last minute touches to get the dress ready.

moness_resort_weddings_0005 moness_resort_weddings_0006 moness_resort_weddings_0007

Ross and Noah were waiting patiently at the bottom of the aisle.


There was a lot of laughter though out the day.

moness_resort_weddings_0009 moness_resort_weddings_0010

A beautiful family joined together.

moness_resort_weddings_0011 moness_resort_weddings_0012

The bridal party.


After group photos we took a walk down to the lake. The ducks were over friendly (one bit my foot!!) but we loved having them in the photos.

moness_resort_weddings_0014 moness_resort_weddings_0015 moness_resort_weddings_0016 moness_resort_weddings_0017 moness_resort_weddings_0018

Lush greenery for miles. Such an amazing place to get married.

moness_resort_weddings_0019 moness_resort_weddings_0020

Cakes were made by different members of the family, I love these personal touches.

moness_resort_weddings_0021 moness_resort_weddings_0022

Guests enjoyed the sunshine.


Very touching speeches made by Creina’s sister, Ross and the best man. At the end there was a suprise letter from Ross’s best friend who couldn’t make it and he sent his pin for Ross to wear so a part of him was there for the day. Tears were shed by everyone 🙂

moness_resort_weddings_0024 moness_resort_weddings_0025 moness_resort_weddings_0026 moness_resort_weddings_0027

After dinner we headed back out for some more photos.

moness_resort_weddings_0028 moness_resort_weddings_0029

We made sure to use the balloons!

moness_resort_weddings_0030 moness_resort_weddings_0031

We headed back in for cake cutting and first dance. All the guests were up for a party and hit the dancefloor for most of the night. It was a fabulous Moness Resort Wedding and I wish Creina, Ross, Noah and Oscar all the happiness in the world.

moness_resort_weddings_0032 moness_resort_weddings_0033 moness_resort_weddings_0034 moness_resort_weddings_0035


Make Up artist – Jillian Elizabeth at Cosmetiquev

Hairdresser – Hair by Georgia at Icandy

Dress designer/bridal shop –  Ronald Joyce, Veronica. The Bridal Studio, Dollar

Flowers – Williamsons design florist, Perth

Cake – Stuart Hazel, Firestation creative Dunfermline

Band or DJ – The Apollos

Ring custom made by Inner Island, Irish jewellery designer in Dublin

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