3rd December 2015

Iceland Wedding Photography with Danielle and Muniandy

the land of ice and fire

By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Iceland Wedding Photography

Date: 17th Nov 2015

Venue: Skogafoss, Iceland

Sitting at home editing on a typical rainy Scottish October afternoon an email popped up from my website.  As I read the enquiry I started to get really excited. It was from Danielle and she was getting married in Iceland in 3 weeks and was wondering if I would come out to photograph the occasion. 3 weeks!!

It was all so sudden but if you know me you will know that  1. I love travelling 2. I love wedding photography and 3. I have been desperate to get to Iceland for years! so it was a no brainer really. After moving some stuff around, flights, accommodation and car was booked. I was officially heading over to photograph my first Iceland Wedding with Danielle & Muniandy! I couldn’t wait.

I arrived in Iceland a few days before and set myself to work visiting Skogafoss, where they would be having their ceremony, and the surrounding locations. It was so hard for me not to stop the car every 5 minutes to take photos. Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited.


The night before the ceremony I met Danielle & Muniandy to go over the details for the day and see what ideas they had in mind. They wanted to keep everything natural and simple. Perfect.

I woke up to a cloudy but dry day. Excellent conditions for wedding photography. I was excited and raring to go so off I went to Skogafoss to meet the happy couple.


I loved the colours they choose to wear. It really stood out against the jaw dropping scenery all around us.


With the roaring on Skogafoss in the background, Danielle & Muniandy had a beautiful ceremony with just the two of them.wedding_ceremony_skogafoss

I should probably mention how cold it was. Throughout the day it was hovering around -1c. Both Danielle & Muniandy did an amazing job at hiding the fact they were freezing.


After the ceremony – they popped on their jackets to heat up for a few minutes and then we took a wander around Skogafoss. skogafoss wedding_ceremony_skogafoss

We then drove along the road to Reynisfjara beach near Vik. It is a beautiful black sanded beach with amazing caves and rock formations.


The light in Iceland was perfect all day. The low sun gives some amazing colours.

weddings_iceland iceland_weddings

We stopped at Dyrhólaey lighthouse. High up on the cliffs it gives some amazing views.

iceland_wedding_photography_0013 iceland_wedding_photography_0014 iceland_wedding_photography_0015 iceland_wedding_photography_0016 iceland_wedding_photography_0017 iceland_wedding_photography_0018 iceland_wedding_photography_0019Our last moments were spent on the beach below the lighthouse – after all the tourists had gone home, they were the last ones left.  iceland_wedding_photography_0022 iceland_wedding_photography_0023 iceland_wedding_photography_0024We got the opportunity to just be still and watch an amazing sunset in the most peaceful country on this earth. beach_wedding_iceland

We couldn’t of asked for a better day or better weather (despite the cold!). Danielle and Muniandy done an amazing job in front of the camera. We had originally planned to meet up later in the evening to capture some of them together with the Northern Lights but unfortunately it was too cloudy. However, I managed to capture a few shots on my last night in Iceland.


I can’t really describe how amazing Iceland is…its just a country everyone needs to visit as least once. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully get to do some more Iceland Wedding Photography.

If you are getting married abroad, please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about my Destination Wedding Photography.

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