18th July 2018

Lindsay & Curt’s Iceland Elopement Wedding

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By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Date: 30th of May 2018

Venue: Iceland!

Lindsay and Curt got in touch with me almost 2 years ago about planning their Iceland Wedding. Both from America, both big nature enthusiasts and both lovers of photography, they wanted somewhere to capture the beauty of the landscape and somewhere with adventure and somewhere they could say their meaningful vows in a jawing dropping location and lets face it, Iceland has it all. Its now my 5 or 6 trip to Iceland and every time I go I am discovering new locations and just amazed by the landscape. I don’t think Ill every get tired of visiting this amazing country.

So on the 29th of May, I packed my bags, jumped on an Icelandair flight and flew the 1.5hrs to Keflavik International airport. I did my usual, rent a car (its much cheaper than local transport) and drove to a town called Hvolsvöllur (one day I will learn to pronounce it) to my apartment for the next 2 nights.

I spent the first night resting and getting ready for the big day ahead.


30th of May, I headed another 1.5hrs east to a cabin just outside Vik where Lindsay and Curt were staying. It was the first time we had all met and they were just the friendliest people I have ever met.

We headed out on this overcast day (perfect photo conditions) and went to Dyrhólaey lighthouse first, only to find it was covered in fog and we couldn’t see a thing, so we went to the cliffs down below.

Next we headed to Reynisfjara Beach best known for its black sand, caves and columns, it is a favourite with tourists and a challenge to try and keep them all out of the photos.

Another major tourist spot, Skogafoss, was on our list. We felt it was a bit too busy so only stayed here for a few minutes (there were tourists, I just had to edit them out!)

Our next stop was a new one for me and a great find by Lindsay and Curt…Kvernufoss. This waterfall is the neighbour of Skogafoss but not a lot of tourists know about it. This is where they chose to do their vows.

It was a stunning find!

 After the ceremony we headed to Seljalandsfoss. Again being a high tourist stop we only spent a few minutes here before heading over to the lesser known Gljufrabui waterfall. This waterfall was in a cave and we had to wade through a river to get into it but Lindsay and Curt were so up for getting wet! 

The photos we captured in here were absolutely amazing and both Lindsay and Curt said they had so much fun inside.

Lastly on our drive (we have been out for a good 7/8hrs now) we drove to Seljavallalaug swimming pool. I think it was one of the oldest man made swimming pools in Iceland and its filled with natural hot water, heated from the volcanoes. Lindsay and Curt decided that just dipping their feet in the pool would be the perfect way to finish the day. 

What an amazing trip! Thank you Lindsay and Curt for trusting me to do your photos. I absolutely love travelling and weddings so look for any opportunity to do destination weddings. It was a beautiful Iceland Elopement Wedding.

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