10th October 2016

Clare & Jamie’s Glencoe Engagement Shoot

out in the wilderness

By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Date: 12th September 2016

Venue: Glencoe, Scotland

When I first read Clare’s email about her wedding, I was thrilled and excited. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and was very focused on the photography. We met shortly after and discussed all their ideas. After they left the studio I had a great feeling about them both and asked them if they wanted to come up to Glencoe for an engagement shoot – they excitedly accepted and heres how it turned out….

glencoe_wedding_elopement_0072 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0073 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0074

We had to postpone the shoot to due heavy rain from a Sunday evening to a Monday morning. I woke up around 5am and headed up to the highlands to meet them both. We had an 8am start and the morning light was perfect.


Both Clare and Jamie were up for a hike so there were a few places we had to climb to.

glencoe_wedding_elopement_0076 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0077 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0078

We had a few different outfits to work with and it was so nice to be able to shoot and not be on a tight wedding schedule.

glencoe_wedding_elopement_0079 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0080

These guys were so good in front of the camera.

glencoe_wedding_elopement_0081 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0082 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0083

Just one of my favourite areas on earth!

glencoe_wedding_elopement_0084 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0085 glencoe_wedding_elopement_0086

Thanks so much Clare & Jamie, I am even more excited for your wedding next year! It was a beautiful Glencoe Engagement Shoot.


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