25th July 2016

A Glasgow Science Centre Wedding with Anita & Ewan

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By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Date: 25th June 2016

Venue: St. Andrews Cathedral // Glasgow Science Centre

I was pretty excited about Ewan and Anita’s Wedding, they had so many unusual and unique ideas. Plus I was shooting at a new venue which is always good. Anita and her family flew over from New York. They had a bit of a disaster with lost luggage but it didn’t put a dampener on their day. In fact the luggage turned up two hours before the ceremony…at the same time as me! haha.

I joined Anita and her family in her flat in Glasgow as they were all getting ready.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0001 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0002 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0003 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0004

Anitas flowergirl Nia helped her with her shoes.


Anita looked stunning in her dress.


Bridesmaids wore traditional Indian saris.


The St. Andrews Cathedral in Glasgow was stunning.


Ewan was excited to get going.


How to make a stunning entrance.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0010 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0011 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0012

They had a beautiful ceremony performed by Father Joseph Uwah.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0013 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0014 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0015 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0016

Anita wanted bubbles as she exited the cathedral so we made that happen.


We crossed over the road for group photos.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0018 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0019

and ofcourse in true Scottish fashion… it started raining.


We headed to the winter gardens in Glasgow Green for their photos.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0021 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0022 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0023 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0024

Both were great in front of the camera and just laughed their way through.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0025 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0026 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0027

We then headed to the Glasgow Science Centre for the reception. The bride and groom were so suprised to see their names on the big screen as they entered.


Keeping with the science theme – their decor was made up of periodic tables and test tubes.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0029 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0030

First job as husband and wife – a cocktail making battle! Anita won 🙂


We heard some great storied about both the bride and groom during the speeches.


After dinner all the ladies gathered into a room to help Anita get changed into a Sari.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0033 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0034 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0035

Gifts were presented to both the Bride and the Groom.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0036 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0037

Anita and Ewan organised a traditional Ceilidh band for the evening. The guests from America were loving it and made sure to join in and learn some dances.


Before I left I got the bride and groom to come outside for a few final photos. I loved the sari so I wanted to make sure I captured that part too.

science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0039 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0040 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0041 science_centre_wedding_glasgow_0042

Finally I want to thank Anita and Ewan for having me along to photograph their special day. It was an amazing Glasgow Science Centre Wedding.

Make Up and Hair – Anai’s Bridal

Dress – David’s Bridal

Flowers – Florette Flowers

Cake – Taste Linda’s Cakes

Band – The Smoking Barrel Ceilidh Band

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