2nd November 2015

Aishah & Aonghus’s Edinburgh Wedding Photo Session

all the way from singapore

By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Date: 6th of October 2015

Venue : Edinburgh City Centre

Aishah emailled me at the start of the year to organise a wedding shoot in Scotlands capital, Edinburgh. Both Aishah & Aonghus live and got married in Singapore and flew out to Scotland to start their honeymoon. So why Scotland? Why Edinburgh? Well Aonghus’s Father is Scottish (but now lives in Singapore) and still loves to live up to tradition. So Aonghus got married in his families traditional tartan, Bruce. 

I first met Aishah & Aonghus in their hotel lobby on Princes St. Both were very excited to get out and get started plus they only arrived the day before so hadn’t had anytime to go out and explore Edinburgh yet. So Im excited to show them around as well as doing their photos. 

Our first stop was at the end of Princess St gardens. I always loved this view as a student and its a great way to see the castle minus the tourists.

        We then drove through the Grassmarket to the famous Victoria St,

I then took them across the cowgate and up to the Royal Mile. There was a lot of walking and cobbled streets but Aishah did great in her heels.

A photo shoot in Edinburgh wouldn’t be complete without a stop on the Royal Mile. Im sure Aishah & Aonghus felt like celebrities as all the tourists were taking photos of them.

The great thing about Edinburgh is all the hidden alleyways, perfect spots for photos.

Finally just in time for sunset, we made our way to Calton Hill which has a great view over the city.

I hope Aishah & Aonghus enjoyed my tour! …maybe I’ll just stick to the photography, haha. Another great Edinburgh Wedding.

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