19th June 2016

A Charleston Wedding with Debs & Scott

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By Jacqui Paterson In Weddings

Date: 31st May 2016

Venue: N/A – Charleston, USA

So this was a pretty special wedding for me. One of my best friends, Debs, was getting married. Debs and Scott met whilst she was working in Grand Caymen. They went from co-workers to roommates and now to husband and wife!  They decided to get married in Charleston, South Carolina where they now both live.


Both wanted a small and simple ceremony and the venue they chose was a small dock located on near their house. It was the most peaceful place with beautiful views and I really couldn’t wait to get started. I arrived in Charleston at 11pm the night before the wedding and we were up at 7am to start decorating.

charleston_weddings_0002 charleston_weddings_0003

This was such an intimate affair, there were only 10 guests at the wedding and we all pitched in to help out when needed. Debs Mum, Ann, flew in from England – Laura came over from the Cayman Islands and was ordained online so that she could be the one to marry them.


Ive done Debs hair a few times before on our nights out, so she was quite happy for me to her hair and make up for the wedding. Laura took over the photography at this point, haha.


Debs spent most of the day smiling like crazy, she was so happy.


Scotts daughter and niece who were flower girls came over to get their hair done too.


Debs looked stunning.


By the time we headed back down to the dock, the sun was shining. I loved this sign that Debs made as it mentioned all the places we came from to be at their wedding.


The groom, Scott and Laura both ready and waiting the arrival of the bride.


Avery leading the way down the aisle followed by Debs and her Mum.

charleston_weddings_0011 charleston_weddings_0012

Laura done an amazing job in marrying them. As she lived with them in Caymen, she was one of the people who knew them best and knew exactly what to say.


Both exchanged their own vows which pretty much brought tears to everyones eyes.

charleston_weddings_0014 charleston_weddings_0015

Afterwards we headed back to the top of the dock where Laura and Scotts Dad gave speeches and we all tucked into some food and drinks.

charleston_weddings_0016 charleston_weddings_0017 charleston_weddings_0018

The whole wedding party.


The flower girls got to go swimming in the afternoon.


Deb’s and Scott took a little time out at the end of the dock to reflect on their day.


The first dance.


We then headed out and about in Charleston to get some photos of just the two of them together.

charleston_weddings_0023 charleston_weddings_0024 charleston_weddings_0025 charleston_weddings_0026

It was so different to shooting in Scotland, it was amazing!

charleston_weddings_0027 charleston_weddings_0028 charleston_weddings_0029 charleston_weddings_0030 charleston_weddings_0031

Later in the day we all headed for a quite meal to a local restaurant and a few drinks in the bar.


Everyone was pretty exhausted from the day but it was so amazing and special. I only made it to Charleston for 3 days but I cant wait to go back and visit them soon. I wish them all the happiness and love in the world. It was a beautiful Charleston Wedding.

  1. Ann 20th June 2016

    So pleased you could be there to photograph the wedding, including hair and make up. Photographs are amazing. Thank you so much xxx

  2. Gwen 21st June 2016

    Fantastic photos…you captured Debs beautifully. I’m sure they’re both delighted with the results!


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